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Hello neighbors and Happy Spring to all! We hope you are doing well through this challenging time in our world.  Our Spring Newsletter provides our homeowners with reminders and information regarding our neighborhood.
President: Darren Smith
Vice-President/Nominating Committee: François-Xavier Destrée
Treasurer: Jim Konieczny
Secretary: Debbie Jesse
Architectural Review Committee Chair: John Gary
Welcoming Committee Chair: Sharon Ryan
Non-voting Consultants/Project Managers:
Architectural Review Committee Member/Consultant: Don Hatley, John Forlidas
Technology Consultant: Jim Doidge
Leasing Consultant: Kathy Merlo
Flag/Wreath Project Manager: Dianne Tannery
Thank you to all the Cowan’s Ford Home Owners who have sent their HOA dues to us. As you may know, CFCC-HOA is a revenue-neutral organization. We strive to maintain the quality of our community for the benefit of its homeowners.
Again this year we were able to hold our HOA Dues to $160 per year; no increase over the past several years. So, thank you to our homeowners.
Quick note: We distribute the HOA notices at our CFCC-HOA Annual meeting held in early January, we mail and even try to email copies of the statements to those who could not attend, and have shared their emails with us. It is a great help to keep your information up to date on the CFCC-HOA Directory, posted on our community website. It is important to note that we do not release email addresses or street addresses for any purpose.
For those with outstanding balances, please remember that beginning April 1, un-paid balances will incur a $20 per month late fee. If you have arranged to forward your mail, please make sure the forwarding time period has not elapsed. We have received several returned envelopes marked, “unable to forward”. This also applies to email addresses. We have received several “Bounce Back” emails indicating the email address we have is not valid. If you are unsure of your balance, please contact the Treasurer through the CFCC-HOA website at www.cowansfordhoa.com. You can also contact the Treasurer by phone or text through 704-651-2452. He can email, or mail your statement if you need it.
A reminder that a Capital Contribution Fee of $180.00 is required from all buyers of real property (land) and all structures (improvements or fixtures) integrated with or affixed to the land at the time of closing. The fee is payable to the Cowan’s Ford Homeowners Association.
Before you start any project, please contact the ARC with any questions you may have. Then submit the proper form to the ARC. Forms can be found on the HOA website. This includes storm damage, roof repair, tree/shrub removal and any type of color change.
No trees more than six inches in diameter shall be removed without the prior written consent and permission of the HOA/ARC. Shrubs, bushes and other vegetation shall be properly maintained. Removal of shrubs over two feet requires written consent and prior permission of HOA/ARC.
In an attempt to maintain our beautiful community, it may be necessary for the ARC to send out warning letters as a reminder of violations. If the homeowners do not comply with the cited violations, the HOA/ARC will impose a monthly fine on homeowners until compliance is reached.
Thank You to all the dog walkers who pick up after their dog’s business.
The Cowan’s Ford HOA website is ‘www.cowansfordhoa.com’.  Our HOA Covenants, By-laws, forms for home improvement, leasing forms and guidelines, Board members, Board Meeting minutes, latest newsletter, and our homeowners’ Directory can all be found on the website. 
If you plan to lease your property, the HOA requires completion and submission of the Leasing Form, which can be found on the website.
To report a street lamp light bulb outage, please contact Duke Energy at 800-777-9898, providing them with the light number found at the top of the pole, or the home address at the location of the street light.  The HOA is not responsible for light bulb replacement. 
Please be courteous to your neighbors and pick up your dog’s waste as you traverse the neighborhood with your pet. Your neighbor’s yard, vacant yards, and the golf course are private property.
Please note that you may not walk on the golf course or paths at any time, with or without your pet. The course may not be used for playing ball or playing in the sand traps. The Cowan’s Ford Golf Course is private property.
Mailbox Recommendation for CFCC-HOA Phases I and II is the ‘Providence Crossing’ model by Watson Welding Company (704-821-7140)  https://www.watsonsteelandiron.com/mailboxes.php, or like model by another vendor.  This mailbox is already a requirement for CFCC-HOA Phase III, IV, and St. Andrews (extension).
Please be aware that coyotes have been spotted on the golf course, so be sure to keep your children and pets safe.  To report a coyote sighting, please call Lincoln County Animal Control.
Any questions or concerns may be directed to the CFCC-HOA BOARD through the website, ‘www.cowansfordhoa.com’, using the ‘Contact Us’ icon.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you,
Cowan’s Ford Homeowners Association Board 2020