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Hello Neighbors!  
Welcome to our Fall Newsletter! Our newsletters continue to provide our homeowners with reminders and new information regarding our neighborhood. New items of information in this newsletter include: Mailbox replacement information; Neighborhood Trash/Recycle provider information.
The Cowan’s Ford HOA Annual Meeting will be held at Cowan’s Ford Golf Club on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 6:30 pm.  This will be a sit-down dinner.  An Annual Meeting Notice will be emailed to property owners in early December, with an online RSVP requested.  There is a seating capacity of 93 people in the Banquet Room, therefore the first 93 to respond will be seated.
Our HOA Dues statements for 2019 will be distributed at the Cowan’s Ford HOA meeting in January 2019. If you can’t attend, please make sure we have a correct address for you. Statements can be emailed or mailed to you as long as we have the correct address or email address. If you are unsure if you have a balance, please contact the Treasurer through the CFHOA website at www.cowansfordhoa.com. You can also contact the Treasurer by phone or text through 704-651-2452. 
The dues for 2019 will remain at $160/year. Next year’s budget will be discussed in more detail at the general meeting/dinner on January 15, 2019.
Please be aware that a Capital Contribution Fee of $180.00 is required from all buyers of real property (land) and all structures (improvements or fixtures) integrated with or affixed to the land at the time of closing.  The fee is payable to the Cowan’s Ford Homeowners Association.  
Top One and Two Violations:
1. Trash and recycle receptacles: 
As stated in our HOA Covenants, “All garbage shall be stored within the residence of each Owner, and no Owner may change or supplement the garbage disposal facilities (if any) provided for such Owner’s residence on the date of completion of construction thereof unless the Board of Directors of the Association shall first approve in writing the change or addition to the method of storage.” This means that trash and recycle receptacles must be kept inside the homeowner’s structure/garage, unless other storage means have been approved by the ARC. 
2. Vehicles and Parking: 
As stated in our Covenants:” There shall be no parking on any street, public or private, except where specifically designated by the Association. Parking is permitted in conjunction with each Lot only within the driveway serving said Lot. No truck shall be parked for storage overnight on any Lot so as to be visible to the occupants of other Lots, the users of any streets, or from any Common Area. No boats, motor home, travel trailer or other recreational vehicle may be stored overnight on any lot unless visually screened from adjacent Street or lots.” This includes all trailers even if they do not have a jet ski, boat, lawn equipment on them.
As these are our top two violations, the ARC will start to send out warning letters and fines for these violations. 

Home Projects/Landscaping:
Any change to the outside of your home needs HOA/ARC approval. Roof, external color, patio’s, decks, adding major trees and shrubs, removing trees and shrubs, driveways, etc. Check our website for the answers to your questions and all the forms that you need. This is where the by-laws and covenants can be located. (www.cowansfordhoa.com). 

To report a street lamp light bulb outage, please contact Duke Energy at 800-777-9898, providing them with the light number located on the pole. The HOA is not responsible for replacement.
Our HOA website can be found at www.cowansfordhoa.com.  Our HOA Covenants, By-laws, forms needed for home improvements, leasing forms and guidelines, Board members, Board meeting minutes, newsletters, and our homeowners’ Directory can all be found on our website.  
If you are walking your pets, please carry a plastic bag, so that you may pick up after them.
Please note that you may NOT walk on the golf course or cart paths at any time with or without your pets. The golf course and cart paths are private property.
Below are trash/recycle collection service companies, that we are aware of, who are available for our neighborhood:
-    Got Green Recycling: trash and recycling services (704-732-9253). 
-    Waste Connections of NC: trash and recycling services (704-398-4488).
-    Republic: trash service; no recycle (800-235-2583).
-    Busy Bees: trash service; no recycle (828-428-9366). 

Lincoln County has local convenience sites located at Optimist Club Road and Webbs Road for disposal of household trash and recycling. Yard waste is accepted only at the Webbs Road site.
The HOA recommends the mailbox listed below, or the same mailbox from another vendor, for Cowan’s Ford CC HOA Phases I, II, and IV.  This mailbox is already a requirement for Cowan’s Ford CC HOA Phase III.  
Mailbox vendor information: Watson Welding Company      Model: Providence Crossing
Phone: 704-821-7140       Email: https://www.watsonsteelandiron.com/mailboxes.php

Should you ever have any questions or concerns, you may direct them to the HOA BOARD through our website, www.cowansfordhoa.com, using ‘Contact Us’.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy your Fall!
Thank you,
The Cowan’s Ford Homeowners Association Board 2018
President: Darren Smith
Vice-President: François Destrée
Treasurer: Jim Konieczny
Secretary: Debbie Jesse
ARC: John Gary
Welcome Committee/Past President: Sharon Ryan