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                            COWAN’S FORD HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION
                                         SPRING 2017 NEWSLETTER
Welcome Spring!
Our Spring Newsletter provides our homeowners with reminders and new information regarding our neighborhood.
President: Tony Merlo
Vice-President: Darren Smith
Secretary: Debbie Jesse
Treasurer: Tracy Larcher
Assistant Treasurer: Tony Capranica
Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Chair: John Gary
Beautification Committee Chair: Mark Grabants    Flag/Wreath Liaison: Dianne Tannery
Welcoming Committee Chair: Samantha Barnes
Past President, ARC Committee: Don Hatley
Technology: Jim Doidge
Board Member: Sharon Ryan
HOA dues were due in January, as always. Please contact the Treasurer through the website if you still need to pay your dues or are unsure if you did. Late fines began accruing as of April 1, 2017. 
We want our homes in Cowan’s Ford to have the look of the caring community. It was a very mild winter and our neighbors have been out in force cleaning up and making upgrades to their homes.  Before you start any project please contact the ARC with any questions you may have. This includes storm damage, roof repair, and tree/shrub removal.
Also, please use our website (see below) to check out the by-laws and covenants.
Trash and recycle receptacles:
Just a little trash talking to start off with. This issue is becoming an ongoing problem.
As stated in our HOA Covenants, “All garbage shall be stored within the residence of each Owner, and no Owner may change or supplement the garbage disposal facilities (if any) provided for such Owner’s residence on the date of completion of construction thereof unless the Board of Directors of the Association shall first approve in writing the change or addition to the method of storage.”  This means that trash and recycle receptacles must be kept inside the homeowner’s structure/garage, unless other storage means have been approved by the ARC committee. Violations of this restriction will first receive a warning letter, and if violation continues, a $25 fine.  Next offense will incur a $50 fine, and so on. Also, please remove your receptacles from the street curb by end of the pickup day.
No trees more than six inches in diameter shall be removed without the prior written consent and permission of the HOA/ARC. Shrubs, bushes and other vegetation shall be properly maintained. Removal of said over two feet requires written consent and prior permission of HOA/ARC.
In an attempt to maintain our beautiful community, it may be necessary for the ARC to send out warning letters as a reminder of violations. If the homeowners do not comply with the cited violations, the HOA/ARC will impose a monthly fine on homeowners until compliance is reached.
Thank you to all the dog walkers who pick up after their dog’s business.
The Cowan’s Ford HOA website is www.cowansfordhoa.com.  If you have not yet registered on the website, please take a minute to do so.  Our HOA Covenants, By-laws, forms for home improvement, leasing forms and guidelines, Board members, Board Meeting minutes, newsletters, and our homeowners’ Directory can all be found on our website. 
New American flags are being purchased and will be hung by Conder on May 4th.
If you plan to lease your property, the HOA requires completion and submission of the Leasing Form, which can be found on the website.
Please carry a bag and pick up after your pets. 
GOLF COURSE CART PATHS: Please note that you may not walk on the golf course/paths at any time with or without your pet. The golf course and paths are private property.
Any questions or concerns that you may have may be directed to the HOA BOARD through the website, Cowansfordhoa.com, using the ‘Contact Us’ icon.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you,
Cowan’s Ford Homeowners Association Board 2017